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Kahu Art offers people from around the world with an opportunity to have a truly unique, individually created design relating to their personal whakapapa genealogy, or ancestral story, designed and hand-crafted by Ngai Tahu Master Carver, Peter Plumb.


Peter invites you to get in touch with him through the Contact page on this website to discuss commissioning him to design a one-off authentic Pounamu (New Zealand Nephrite Jade) greenstone carving or jewellery that incorporates your own personal story within the finished piece to provide it with significance to the wearer.

Peter has created carvings for people from all over the world and enjoys researching different cultural totems and symbols for each unique design.

The carvings on this page illustrate just a few of the styles of design that Peter has created over a 25 year career as a Pounamu Master Carver. Whether it is a traditional Maori or Polynesian design, through to Celtic motifs or more contemporary influences, Peter brings his extensive knowledge of carving and design to bear and create eternal works of art that are cherished and meant to be passed down to the next generations to follow.

Pounamu, greenstone, has long been valued in New Zealand's Maori culture as a taonga, a rare and sacred treasure, providing those who wore it with great "Mana" and authority, making them the kaitiaki, the keepers, or guardians of the taonga Pounamu.

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